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—Freddy Mangum, SaaS Executive

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Joomla vs Wordpress

Let’s get to the point. Which one is better, Joomla or WordPress? The answer is... both are great for specific purposes and continue to evolve as new standards are established. Let’s also go beyond technical reasons for using either CMS and include the user and developer communities, localized popularity and the future outlook for each CMS. If the pros and cons are considered carefully there is a greater chance for success, with time and money saved.


Russell conjugation

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings. Facts and logic are the most important factors in our decision-making process, right? But humans are complicated beasts, susceptible to all sorts of biases and illogic. The famous English philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) is not usually thought of as a source of marketing wisdom, but he articulated an important insight in 1948 when he came up with what’s now called the Russell conjugation (or emotive conjugation).


Strategic Marketing

Dress for success

Everyone knows the adage “dress for success.” When you go for a job interview, make a pitch to investors, close a deal, or give a talk at a conference, you should heed that advice. And yet, online you will often come across websites and companies that are simply not “dressed for success.” That’s a failure of branding.


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